The Protest Continues, Hong Kong Police Gets Support From China

The Protest Continues, Hong Kong Police Gets Support From China

Over the previous two chaotic months, protests have usually ended by 12:30 a.m., before the ultimate trains depart — younger protesters do not need to get separated or risk being stranded and picked up by police.

Some protesters have been ducking into the MTR station intermittently all night for cover from the tear gas before heading back out for one more push.

However, this time, it appeared for real.

Ultimately, the police’s tactics had paid off: protesters had been corralled into one area, surrounded on all sides, with only the subway station as an exit. Most protesters now look like on the MTR home.

Once the last resort, tonight tear gas is being deployed continuously — each time police lines push forward, or when protesters get too close, or typically seemingly for a little reason.

The streets across the Sheung Wan district, where police and protesters are still dealing with off, are fogged by the toxic, burning gas. It is also seeping into individuals’ homes by windows and air conditioning units on this highly residential area. The thousands of remaining protesters are still determined and seem buoyed by the police response. It’s been a back-and-forth tonight, with skirmishes breaking out every 20 minutes or so. Chants, the beating of sticks and shouts fill the air. Meanwhile, passersby try to get the house, however, discover themselves blocked by the protesters and police. One man informed CNN reporters on the ground that he was attempting to get his family home, and requested for directions to a safe space.