Scientist Says That There Will Be A Blood Test For Alzheimer

Scientist Says That There Will Be A Blood Test For Alzheimer

A blood test which may diagnose the brain changes linked to Alzheimer’s disease with 94 % accuracy may very well be available in the doctor’s office in a matter of years and will help speed up the creation of the latest therapies, based on researchers.

The tests detect levels of beta-amyloid, a protein linked to the neurodegenerative condition. A build-up of beta-amyloid can develop into a sticky plaque which is believed to block signaling between cells at synapses and cause Alzheimer’s disease.

A complete of 158 adults aged over 50 took part in the research. The individuals gave a blood sample, cerebrospinal fluid, and had a PET brain scan. This includes injecting a radioactive substance into the body and seeing where it collects, to supply a clue as to how the brain is working and whether or not there’s an abnormal build-up of beta-amyloid protein. The group additionally checked out whether or not the members had the APOE gene linked to Alzheimer’s.

One hundred of the individuals got here back for a second PET scan. Those that examined negative for beta-amyloid during the first PET scan had a 15-fold risk of later testing positive if they had Aβ42/Aβ40 (beta-amyloid 42/beta-amyloid 40) in their blood, the authors discovered.

PET scans are used to detect beta-amyloid; however, they are removed from perfect as they use radiation, are costly and are not available in the same method as a blood test.