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UK Government Directs £4.6 Million to Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade

The UK government has announced it will provide £4.6 million in funding for projects tackling illegal wildlife trade around the world. They include efforts to stop smuggling in Madagascar, to disrupt the grey parrot trade in Cameroon and to reduce demand for marine turtle products in […]

News Science

Trappist-1’s ‘Habitable’ Planets Might Be Lousy for Life

The three planets within the liveable zone are probably dealing with a formidable opponent to dwell, and the new analysis finds excessive-power particles the star spews. For the first time, researchers have calculated how laborious these particles are hitting the […]

Health News

Kaiser Permanente Patients Assembled Outside the Health Care

Kaiser Permanente patients assembled outside the health care provider’s Oakland headquarters Wednesday, calling for shorter wait times for mental health appointments and demanding a meeting with the CEO. The event was attended by officials of the National Union of Healthcare […]