Nigeria Records First Coronvirus Death as World Tally Tops 15,000

Nigeria Records First Coronavirus Death as World Tally Tops 15,000

Nigeria Monday booked its first demise from COVID-19 as confirmed cases of infections in Africa’s most populated country spiked further.

Nigeria Records First Coronvirus Death as World Tally Tops 15,000

“The first COVID-19 death in Nigeria has been recorded,” the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control Tweeted.

The company said the confirmed number of infections in Nigeria had now surged to 36, with infections registered in largest metropolis Lagos, the capital Abuja and four other states.

Africa has so far registered lower numbers than the rest of the world with nearly 1,500 confirmed cases and 50 deaths—but testing has been patchy.

Nigeria has suspended all international flights for a month and shut schools and restricted gatherings in several areas in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus.

The nation of 190 million people is seen as extremely vulnerable to the spread of highly contagious diseases, given its weak healthcare system and high population density.

A total of 15,189 deaths have been reported, the majority in Europe with 9,197 fatalities.

Italy is the worst-affected nation with 5,476 deaths, followed by China, where the first COVID-19 case emerged in December 2019 with 3,270, and Spain with 2,182.

With a total of 1,395 new deaths posted in the past 24 hours out of 172,238 declared cases, Europe is now the continent where the pathogen is spreading the most rapidly.