Indonesia Estimates 95,000 Coronavirus Cases Between May-June

Indonesia Estimates 95,000 Coronavirus Cases Between May-June

Indonesia expects the number of coronavirus infections to peak between May and June with around 95,000 infections, a government adviser stated Thursday, marking an official admission of the growing scale of the outbreak in the Southeast Asian nation.

Indonesia Estimates 95,000 Coronavirus Cases Between May-June

Health consultants had been warning that Indonesia faces a sharp rise in cases after a sluggish government response masked the scale of infections in a country that has registered 5,516 cases and 496 deaths, the highest death count in East Asia after China.

Based on epidemiological modeling from various establishments, along with Harvard University, Adisasimto mentioned cases could ultimately reach 106,000 by July.

One other model by the University of Indonesia’s public health school has warned that there could be over 140,000 deaths and 1.5 million cases across Indonesia by May, except the government takes tougher action.

Indonesia has carried out almost 40,000 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) checks for the virus. Doni Monardo, chief of the COVID-19 taskforce, told a joint briefing the government was trying to do at least 10,000 tests daily.

Indonesia has faced criticism over its low testing rates and has been scrambling to procure the reagents needed for the testing kits amid a jump in global demand.

Health ministry delegate Achmad Yurianto stated it was currently looking to nations resembling Singapore to source one of two reagents required, including “we won’t be able to carry out tests without it”.