Ford's Latest Design Is The World's First Pickup Truck Emoji

Ford’s Latest Design Is The World’s First Pickup Truck Emoji

It took actor Dwayne Johnson, more than three years and a crew of designers and social media managers at Ford to carry its newest design to life.

However, the automaker lastly unveiled on Wednesday the pickup truck in 2016. It’s not its greatest-selling F-150 and even the popular Ranger. It’s an emoji.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the truck emoji,” Joe Hinrichs, president of automotive operations for Ford, states in a video narrated by actor Bryan Cranston that reveals the design.

The blue pixelated pickup is on a short-list of candidates for new emojis awaiting approval to be used in 2020 that are reviewed by the Unicode Consortium; Ford introduced on Wednesday, which occurred to be world emoji day. The group regulates the Unicode characters to allow them to be acknowledged throughout totally different devices and platforms across the industry.

Unicode Consortium board member Greg Welch stated: “they’ll focus on a selected emoji proposal beyond confirming that the pickup truck is a present candidate into account.”

If accepted, the pickup truck would be a part of other Unicode 13.0 entries similar to a tamale, a dodo bird, and a smiling face with a tear. The most recent update to the listing shall be launched early next year, and Ford mentioned it’s confident the pickup emoji should make it to keyboards everywhere in early 2020.