5th Ave Apple Store Allegedly Bed Bugs, Raising Concerns for Clients and Staff

 While Apple is working on a significant renovation of its iconic Fifth Avenue shop, its temporary shop has seen a commotion throughout the last month with the bed bug problem. As reported by the NY Post, bed bugs have been found in different portions of the store, such as on a dining table on the second floor, in the team’s locker area, and in the supervisor’s office. One employee told the Post that it was just mayhem. There was a mass exodus&hellip, workers freaked they felt really dangerous and direction maintained giving them the runaround.

At the locker area, employees were told to place their belongings in two plastic bags. A bed bug sniffing beagle has been brought to the shop and was triggered, by the pests from the locker area. Another worker told the Post that the problem had been going on for nearly four weeks, however, last Friday was the first day they confessed they found something. A staff member said the problem started about 3 to a month back throughout the overnight hours in the 24-hour shop, which often has homeless visitors when a table on the second floor was cordoned off because a bed bug was found, believed to have come from one of the homeless visitors.

Following the first sighting, management hired a fighter and told employees not to stress. Nevertheless, another bed bug was found a week and a half. More spraying was done but did not appear to solve the problem like a bed bug was found again, this time from the supervisor’s office last Friday. Notably, a week ago the store that is open all year round was suddenly closed for water flow. They stayed in the dark until a week ago when the shop, which is open twelve months a year and seldom shuts its doors, inexplicably closed for half an hour throughout the overnight hours on a weekday for water flow, an employee said. Staff said they received word from control over the weekend which dilemma was eventually taken care of.