Canadian Agency Opens Probe into Ford's Emission Certification Process

Canadian Agency Opens Probe into Ford’s Emission Certification Process

Ford Motor stated Wednesday Canadian delegates had launched a preliminary probe into the auto manufacturer’s emissions certification process.Canadian Agency Opens Probe into Ford's Emission Certification Process

Ford stated in its yearly report Setting, and Climate Change Canada has launched an investigation into the matter after the auto manufacturer disclosed early last year that the U.S. Justice Division had initiated a criminal investigation into the issue.

In February 2019, Ford disclosed a problem with emissions to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California regulators. Ford employed an outside regulation agency and experts to analyze its car fuel economy and testing procedures after workers raised concerns about analytical modeling that’s a part of its fuel economy and emissions compliance process.

Ford didn’t instantly comment on the standing of the probe of its U.S. emissions certification process. Ford has stated the “potential concern” doesn’t involve using defeat devices. Environment Canada further didn’t instantly comment.

In April, Ford had held meetings with the California Air Resources Board and EPA and turned over paperwork associated with its review and had submitted a testing plan that has been accredited by regulators.

Ford faces significant financial fines as regulators have taken a tight line on emissions issues. Ford has stated it doesn’t know whether it must correct information provided to regulators or consumers.

U.S. and California regulators have been cracking down on auto-making companies for emissions cheating following disclosures in 2015 that German auto manufacturer Volkswagen had employed defeat units to make models outfitted with diesel engines appear to comply with emissions standards when they emitted far more CO2 than allowed in real-world driving.

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