Space Station Batteries Upgraded for Second All Woman Moon Walk

Space Station Batteries Upgraded for Second All Woman Moon Walk

The second all-feminine spacewalk in historical past continued the work of the primary, as the identical two NASA astronauts upgraded batteries outdoors the International Space Station.

Jessica Meir and Christina Koch accomplished a 7-hour and 29-minute extravehicular exercise (EVA, or spacewalk) on Wednesday (Jan. 15), changing the batteries that retailer energy for one pair of the house station’s electrical energy-producing solar arrays. The tour resumed the work that the two Expedition 61 flight engineers carried out in October, which made headlines because of the first spacewalk by two women.

The two spacewalkers eliminated three degraded nickel-hydrogen batteries and put in two extra highly effective lithium-ion batteries for the house station’s port, or left facet, outboard solar arrays. Meir and Koch stowed the older batteries, which had been in place for the previous decade, on an exterior pallet for his or her later disposal and put in adapter plates to allow the brand new batteries to work with the orbiting laboratory’s energy system.

The work contributed to a bigger, ongoing effort to replace all 48 of the station’s degraded nickel-hydrogen batteries with the more capable lithium-ion items. One lithium-ion battery and one adapter plate can exchange two nickel-hydrogen batteries. The work started with a collection of spacewalks in January 2017 and has continued as Japan’s H-II Transfer Vehicles (HTVs) have delivered the new batteries to the station.

Meir and Koch’s spacewalk on Wednesday proceeded principally to plan, aside from a minor subject with Koch’s spacesuit early within the EVA. Meir tried to reattach the sunshine meeting; however, it will not lock into place. The two lights are used as a support when the area station passes into Earth’s shadow and isn’t lit by the solar.

The spacewalk continued with Koch staying near Meir in order that she was aided by the lights nonetheless hooked up to Meir’s helmet. Wednesday’s EVA, which ended at 2:04 p.m. EST (1904 GMT), marked Koch’s fifth and Meir’s second career spacewalks.

This was the 225th EVA dedicated to the International Space Station since the meeting of the orbiting outpost started in 1998. Meir and Koch are scheduled to once more enterprise exterior collectively on Monday (Jan. 20) to finish the substitute of the batteries on the port P6 truss.

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