After 30 Year Being In The Loft, Nintendo Game Was Sold For $9,000

After 30 Year Being In The Loft, Nintendo Game Was Sold For $9,000

Scott Amos says his mother’s been after him to get his childhood junk out of her Reno, Nevada, loft since he moved out on his own more than 20 years in the past, and now, his complete family is glad he did.

When he went through one of many boxes, he got here throughout an uncommon unopened copy of the Nintendo Entertainment System game “Kid Icarus” that has been sold at auction for $9,000, including the buyer’s premium.

The shrink-wrapped cartridge was still in a JCPenney bag, together with a receipt showing that it was bought in December 1988, when Amos was 9.

Amos says the sport has been the gossip of the family since he got the boxes for Mother’s Day.

“Our only concept is that it was a Christmas gift my mother bought for us and never really gave to us,” he stated.

His mother did not remember it, and when he advised her about it, she mentioned, “I paid $34.99 for a silly video game?”

It was really $38.45 with taxes and costs.

Amos, 40, mentioned he knows nothing about video games or collecting, however, he thought it could be worth a few hundred dollars on eBay.

“I simply left it on the kitchen counter, within reach of my two small children or the dog or anything else,” Amos mentioned. He talked to Wata Games, a Denver company that rates the condition of video games for collectors.

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