Tape Reveals That On Call With Nixon, Reagan Called Monkeys To Africans

Tape Reveals That On Call With Nixon, Reagan Called Monkeys To Africans

Ronald Reagan, the governor of California in 1971 when he called the White House to release his political anger to President Richard M. Nixon and, based on a newly launched audio recording, called African people “monkeys” in a stain that sparked laughter from the president of the USA.

The previously undisclosed change took place after the United Nations voted to expel Taiwan to be able to seat representatives from Beijing, a move that the US opposed. Delegates from Tanzania rejoiced with a victory dance in the General Assembly hall.

“To see these monkeys from these African nations damn them,” Reagan mentioned, to laughter from Nixon. “They’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes.”

In different recordings, Nixon went on to report his conversation with Reagan to others, describing the African delegates as “cannibals” as he sought to blame them for the United Nations vote. The exchange between two former presidents of the USA on Oct. 26, 1971, was revealed in new audio launched by the National Archives and published on Tuesday by The Atlantic. The audio was the newest reminder of the long history of racism by American presidents and got here as the present president faces fierce criticism for his attacks on prominent individuals of color.

“Reagan opens the door, and Nixon runs with the racialist metaphors,” mentioned Timothy Naftali, the previous leader of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum who asked the recording and wrote the article in The Atlantic.

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