In-Car YouTube And Netflix Video Streaming Will Soon Be In Tesla

In-Car YouTube And Netflix Video Streaming Will Soon Be In Tesla

Tesla is on the point of “soon” deliver the in-car video streaming services that CEO Elon Musk advised would ultimately come to the automaker’s cars. Musk shared this (somewhat vague) up to date timeline on Twitter over the weekend, after noting earlier in June at E3 that Tesla’s infotainment shows would finally be getting YouTube and streaming video support.

That is additionally the first time Musk has particularly mentioned that both YouTube and Netflix would be, after previously noting that version 10 of the in-car software program would support video streaming usually in reply to a question from a fan on Twitter. Musk added that these could be out there to stream video-solely whereas the vehicle is stopped — however, the plan is to alter that when full self-driving turns into a reality.

Once fully autonomous driving capabilities are “accepted by regulators,” Musk stated, the plan is to activate the ability to stream video in the car while it’s in motion. This plan likely extends to Tesla’s in-car gaming options, too — although that’s a separate level of distraction as you’re truly interacting with what’s occurring on the display screen, which will not be the very best concept for initial roll-out of autonomous features where a driver could be required to take over manual control in case of any incidents.

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