SpaceX Launch Was On Halt Due To Threatening Storms

SpaceX Launch Was On Halt Due To Threatening Storms

SpaceX called off a Falcon 9 countdown on Wednesday because of the risk of lightning from thunderstorms alongside Florida’s Space Coast, pushing back the departure of a cargo mission for the International Space Station till Thursday.

However, climate conditions aren’t forecast to be a lot better on Thursday afternoon when SpaceX has another instantaneous launch window at 6:01:56 p.m. EDT (2201:56 GMT) to ship a Dragon cargo craft towards the space station.

Widespread thunderstorms streaming southwest-to-northeast throughout Central Florida brought rain and thunder to Cape Canaveral. Despite a bleak forecast, SpaceX proceeded with the loading of kerosene and liquid oxygen propellants into the two-stage Falcon 9 rocket, with the countdown ticking towards a planned liftoff at 6:24:30 p.m. EDT (2224:30 GMT).

Two launch climate rules concerning surface electrical fields and anvil clouds have been remained “no go” for the launch because the countdown ticked towards zero. SpaceX aborted the countdown at T-minus 30 seconds, and groups kicked off procedures to empty the Falcon 9 of its liquid propellants and arrange for an additional try on Thursday.

SpaceX hopes for higher luck on Thursday to start the company’s 18th resupply mission to the International Space Station beneath a multibillion-dollar contract with NASA. The Dragon cargo capsule is filled with 5,097 pounds (2,312 kilograms) of supplies, tools, and experiments for the station’s six-individual Expedition 60 crew.

However, the Air Force’s 45th Weather Squadron, which points launch weather forecasts for space missions departing Cape Canaveral, expects related situations on Thursday because of the spaceport experienced on Wednesday afternoon.

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