Boris Johnson Will Become Britain's First Shortest Serving PM

Boris Johnson Will Become Britain’s First Shortest Serving PM

Boris Johnson’s first act as British prime minister was to launch himself on a spectacular collision course with reality.

As an alternative of pivoting in direction of conciliation as he stood on the steps of Downing Street, the new Conservative chief lashed out on the “doomsters” and “gloomsters” who’ve failed to extricate Britain safely from the European Union over three agonizing years of negotiation at home and abroad.

Even earlier than the Queen formally invited him to turn out to be Britain’s next prime minister, a raft of anti-Johnson Conservative lawmakers had to give up the government in protest. The new PM selected to respond with a purge of his opponents in the most savage cabinet reshuffle in many years and the appointment of one of the most controversial bomb-throwers in Westminster as his senior adviser.

Johnson, who led the Leave campaign through the Brexit referendum, claims he can resolve the Brexit conundrum is simply three months. It’s both a pledge of great bravery or colossal hubris. Both method it is possible that it’ll result in Johnson putting the keys to No. 10 on the road in an early general election.

Twice on Wednesday, he repeated the campaign pledge made to Conservative Party members, who chose him to replace Theresa May, that he would have Brexit wrapped up by Halloween. He says he desires Britain to leave the European Union with a new deal, which suggests both convincing Europe to abandon the red traces it’s caught to since 2016 or forcing the House of Commons to alter its thoughts and approve a version of May’s deal that was brutally rejected by lawmakers on three occasions.

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