Beijing Give An Advice To Gather Troops If Needed In Hong Kong

Beijing Give An Advice To Gather Troops If Needed In Hong Kong

China’s defense ministry on Wednesday showed that the People’s Liberation Army might be deployed in Hong Kong as protests proceed in the semi-autonomous city.

Ministry spokesman Wu Qian advised such a deployment might happen if the Hong Kong authorities request it, a number of news outlets reported.

For over two months, political tensions in Hong Kong have escalated over a proposed extradition bill that might permit these arrested in the territory to be despatched to mainland China for trial. Hong Kong residents are involved that their civil rights are slowly eroding below Beijing’s management.

Requested how China’s Defense Ministry would deal with an increase of calls for Hong Kong “independence,” Wu pointed to “clear provisions” in Hong Kong’s Garrison Law, section 3, article 14, the Financial Times reported, citing the spokesman’s feedback at a news briefing.

Wu mentioned the “behavior of some radical demonstrators … is totally insupportable” and didn’t elaborate beyond pointing to the legal passage, the Associated Press reported.

The article stipulates that the Hong Kong authorities could ask for help from Chinese army troops stationed in the metropolis “in the maintenance of public order.”

Last Sunday, protesters surrounded China’s most important representative office in Hong Kong and defaced walls and signs. In addition, they clashed with police.

Later the same day, men in white t-shirts — some armed with clubs — flooded the rural Yuen Long station, and stormed a train, attacking passengers with pipes, poles and different objects, based on video footage.

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