To Avoid Muscle Wasting, Mars Astronauts Are Given Red Wine Antioxidant

To Avoid Muscle Wasting, Mars Astronauts Are Given Red Wine Antioxidant

The important thing to maintaining people strong on Mars might be found in red wine. A Harvard examine printed on Thursday reported that resveratrol, a compound in blueberries and the skin of grapes (and, by extension, red wine) may preserve muscle mass and strength towards the lowered gravity on Mars.

Resveratrol is assumed to have the effects of an antioxidant and is revised for its anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties. Researchers discovered that it considerably maintained muscle mass and energy in rats exposed to a simulation of Mars’ gravitational pull, which is 40% that of Earth’s. Lower gravity levels can weaken muscle tissue and bones, presenting a problem for astronauts on long missions to Mars.

“Resveratrol has been proven to protect bone, and muscle mass in rats throughout complete unloading, analogous to microgravity throughout spaceflight,” lead writer Marie Montreux stated in a release. “We hypothesized that an average daily dose would assist mitigate muscle deconditioning in a Mars gravity analog, too.”

To simulate gravity on Mars, rats had been placed in a full-body harness and suspended by a sequence from the ceiling of their cage. For 14 days, 24 male rats had been either uncovered to regular loading just like Earth, or 40% loading much like Mars. Half the rats in every one of those two teams received resveratrol in water, whereas the remaining bought plain water.

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