A Jellyfish That Was As Huge As A Human

A Jellyfish That Was As Huge As A Human

A diver in search of interesting undersea video footage just lately received more than she bargained for off the coast of Cornwall, England, when she happened upon a large barrel jellyfish that was greater than she is.

“I’ve by no means seen a barrel fish — or any jellyfish — that huge,” diver and biologist Lizzie Daly stated in a video clip about the dive. Clearly excited, she added, “It was the size of my body, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever accomplished.”

In a video of the encounter, the jellyfish looms giant, pulsing along, its giant frilly tentacles moving behind it as Daly swims beside.

Sharing a swim with the huge jellyfish was “absolutely unimaginable,” Daly mentioned.

The enormous barrel is the biggest jellyfish present in U.K. waters. The Wildlife Trusts states this species of jelly, Rhizostoma Pulmo has a bell as much as 3 feet large and may weigh almost 80 pounds. The leviathan Daly saw was clearly larger.

Whereas she swam close to it, the animal trundled alongside, pulsing by the water. Daly tells The Guardian that she wasn’t nervous about its tentacles: “It’s got a really gentle sting and poses no risk to people – some individuals do not even feel it.”

Absolutely, although, they might see it.

The jellyfish made such an impact on Daly, a conservation advocate and wildlife host works with the BBC and other outlets, that on Tuesday she wrote a thank-you note to her new rhizostomatid friend.

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