Nest App Is Closed For Apple Watch And Wear OS By Google

Nest App Is Closed For Apple Watch And Wear OS By Google

Folks take control of their smart thermostat from their wrist so sometimes that Google has determined to fully scrap its Nest app for each Apple Watch and the company’s own Wear OS platform. The smartwatch Nest app provided a fast method to adjust the thermostat’s goal temperature or working mode. However, now it simply shows a “Nest is no more supported on Wear OS” message when opened and instructs users to delete it.

“We had a look at Nest app users on smartwatches and discovered that only a small number of individuals had been utilizing it,” a Google spokesperson told 9to5Google. “Moving forward, our group will spend extra time specializing in delivering high-quality experiences via mobile apps and voice interactions.”

 You possibly can still simply pull out your cellphone and do those same things (and more) with the Nest mobile app on Android and iOS. Notifications from the Nest smartphone app will proceed to show up in your watch. Plus, anybody with a Wear OS watch can use Google Assistant to manage Nest devices with their voice. Apple Watch owners don’t have that fallback, however.

So even Google has concluded one of its own Wear OS apps — one that was a great example of a smartwatch’s comfort — simply isn’t well worth the effort any longer. It’s placing even much less work into supporting the Apple Watch, with 9to5Google noting that Google Keep is the company’s last remaining watchOS app.

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