In Mexico, Volkswagen Will End The Production Of Beetle

In Mexico, Volkswagen Will End The Production Of Beetle

Volkswagen on Wednesday celebrated the end of manufacturing of its most iconic model, the Beetle. An occasion was held on the automaker’s Puebla, Mexico, factory as denim blue Final Edition coupe went down the meeting line that’s slated to be placed on display on the firm’s close by the museum. Nevertheless, a Volkswagen spokesperson stated that manufacturing of the third-era Beetle will proceed into the subsequent week, earlier than the power is retooled to exchange it with a subcompact SUV aimed at the North American market. It’s the second time the facility has entertained a grand farewell for the beloved Bug. The last of the 21.5 million unique Type 1 cars were produced there in 2003, ending a run that reached back to 1938 when it debuted in Germany below the Nazi regime.

Puebla additionally produced the retro-modern New Beetle from 1998 to 2010. However, it and the most recent version have been an area of interest products in comparison with their mass-market predecessor, with a combined total of fewer than 2 million produced.

This may mark the first time since Beetle manufacturing was restarted in 1945 at the end of World War 2 that the nameplate gained to be in the firm’s portfolio, and there are not any plans to resurrect it in the foreseeable future. As an alternative, V.W. will quickly be launching an all-electric reboot of the classic Microbus minivan known as the I.D. Buzz as its flagship heritage model, whereas a battery-powered dune buggy is under consideration.

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