Toyota and YPF will “explore” the joint rental of vehicles

The Toyota automaker and the YPF oil company are “exploring” a possible alliance to use the network of service stations of the brand as a platform for car rental. So far, the “Toyota Mobilitie Services” uses its own network of dealers for the delivery and reception of rented units. But executives of the automaker did not rule out that, “in the future”, it can be advanced with an agreement to use the huge network of 1,500 YPF service stations as a logistics platform.

Diego Prado, vice president of the automotive industry, said that the two companies have already made firm progress with a series of agreements, the most important of which up to now is the provision of renewable energy by YPF Luz. It is a contract with a duration of 10 years, which includes a first stage in which the Toyota plant in Zárate will sustain its production with 25% of wind energy, and a second stage from 2020 in which the 100% of your energy needs will come from renewable sources. In addition, Toyota will recommend the use of YPF fuels and lubricants for its vehicles.

Another step of the alliance between the two companies is the advertising sponsorship of YPF to the motorsport team, which will be renamed “TOYOTA GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia”, with a presence in the STC2000 and Top Race categories.

But in the “framework agreement” signed by the owner of YPF, Miguel Gutiérrez, and Toyota, Daniel Herrero, they also mentioned “working together” to advance, among other issues, in “mobility”. It is an incipient business on the part of Toyota, which in November launched the car rental service in Capital, north of Greater Buenos Aires and some tourist spots.

“At the moment the vehicles are delivered and received in 11 mouths of our dealer network,” said Prado. “But the potential of this activity will continue to be explored with YPF, see what kind of synergy can be generalized, there is still much to be done,” he added.

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